HyChill Products

Minus 90

HyChill Minus 90 is the Natural Organic solution for very low temperature refrigeration and systems operating in the -80 degree range.

It is a very high pressure refrigerant used in very low temperature refrigeration systems requiring a very high pressure and very low boiling off temperature.

Features and benefits
Minus 60

  • Operates at very high pressures
  • Compatible with most common refrigeration materials and lubricants

Application and use

For use in medical and other specialist cryogenic refrigeration systems where previously expensive special refrigerants have traditionally been used.


For accredited technicians to work safely with hydrocarbon refrigerants, requires basic common sense and a willingness to comply with current safety standards and regulations.

In plain terms, hydrocarbon refrigerant is safe for both refrigeration and air conditioning use. However, like aerosol propellants, LPG, petrol, solvents and other commonly used volatile products, hydrocarbon refrigerant is flammable, and therefore should not be released in the presence of an ignition source. Its auto-ignition temperature is between 460°C and 470°C.

HyChill hydrocarbon refrigerants have a distinctive "rotting cabbage" odour added to it so that any leak can be immediately identified for rectification.

SDS Cylinder UN1035