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SRO 500

SRO 500 Synthetic Refrigerant Oil is a fully synthetic industrial lubricant developed specifically for auto air conditioning compressors.

It is especially formulated for severe service under conditions that are beyond the capabilities of conventional mineral oils. It is compatible with all commonly used refrigerants, and does not absorb moisture. Ideal replacement for Polyolester (POE) and Polyalkyleneglycol (PAG) lubricant, and superior to both.

Features and benefits

  • Improved wear protection
  • Virtually non- hygroscopic
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Non toxic
  • Ideal vacuum pump oil
  • Prevents oil deposit formation in low temperature systems
  • Reduces discharge valve deposits and improves compressor efficiency
  • Very low pour point, zero wax content
  • High viscosity index and high temperature stability
  • Greater chemical stability in the presence of refrigerants
  • Low volatility and low solubility for refrigerants such as R12 & ammonia.
  • Compatible with all commonly used refrigerants
  • Compatible with most refrigeration and air conditioning applications
  • Miscible with all other refrigerant oils
  • Does not affect commonly used O Rings, Gaskets or Seals
  • Does not combine with moisture to cause internal corrosion in fluorocarbon systems


SRO 500 is the ideal lubricant for maximum efficiency in all applications.They can also be safely used in all systems, with all refrigerants including: R11, R12, R13b, HCFC-22, R123a, HFC-134a, R404A, R401a, R502, R22, R400+, R717 (ammonia), R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane).

Suitable for all applications

SRO 500 Refrigerant Oil is suitable for reciprocating compressors with very high operating temperatures, suitable for screw compressors, and for use with systems incorporating very low evaporator temperatures. It is compatible with other synthetic and mineral oils and is suitable to with all common refrigerants, including ammonia.

SRO 500 is suitable for use in all motor vehicle air conditioning applications. Compatible with all commonly used lubricants and refrigerant types, also with all modern seal, gasket and hose materials; SRO 500 is the ideal oil for service applications. SRO 500 is non- hygroscopic giving you confidence that it will not carry moisture into systems where it can combine with fluorocarbon molecules to cause rapid corrosion. SRO 500 also prevents seal deterioration which is often a factor in R134a systems.


SRO 500 has a unique formula to minimise oil logging of heat exchangers, maximising heat rejection, improving system efficiency and reducing energy costs.

Virtually Non-Hygroscopic

Moisture reduces lubrication performance, and ice may form at low pressure points. Moisture also reacts with the refrigerant gas creating acid which attacks components, motor windings and generally shortens the life of the compressor. SRO 500 is virtually non-hygroscopic, which means parts will have longer life and need fewer oil changes.


Unlike other oils, SR0 500 is non-toxic. This makes the product easy to handle and either recycle or dispose of.

Safety Data Sheet