HyChill Products

Minus 60

Minus 60 is a high purity blend of R290 propane and R170 ethane, an ideal alternative to synthetic refrigerants [R410A and R32]. HyChill Minus 60 is the natural solution for conversion of air-conditioning systems previously charged with synthetic refrigerants.

Characteristics Minus 60

  • Superb performance under high and extreme ambient temperatures
  • Fast cool-down effect
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Operates at lower pressures than synthetic refrigerants


  • Switching from synthetic fluorocarbon refrigerants can dramatically reduce power bills and improve the lifespan of the RAC system.
  • Can be used in a R410A and R32 compressor
  • Compatible with R410A and R32 heat exchangers and expansion devices and common refrigeration materials and lubricants
  • Some AC systems may not be suitable for Minus 60 conversions (especially where pressure is used for system control).

Avaliable in

4.5kg, 9kg cylinders and 375g cans.

Cylinders are fitted with a standard refrigeration liquid withdrawal valve.
HyChill Minus 60 does not require an ARC licence

SDS Cylinder UN1075 SDS Cans UN2037 Warranty