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Minus 50

Minus 50 is a highly efficient blend of R290 and R170, propane and ethane. When switching from R22, R502, R407C, and R404A power bills can be dramatically reduced, and the wear and tear on the air conditioning system can also be minimised.

HyChill Minus 50 is the Natural Organic solution for low temperature refrigeration and air-conditioning systems previously charged with HCFC R22 or CFC R502.

An air conditioner or refrigeration system charged with Minus 50 uses up to 20% less power than HCFC-based refrigerants. Because hydrocarbon refrigerant is more efficient, it can cool a room down to the temperature set by the thermostat in less time. In hot weather, this can result in substantial energy savings.

Features and benefits Minus 50

  • Operates at similar pressures to R22 and R407C
  • Similar volumetric refrigerating effect to R22 and R407C
  • Can be used in a R22 or R407C compressor.
  • Can be used with R22 or R407C heat exchangers and expansion devices
  • Compatible with most common refrigeration materials and lubricants

Application and use

For use in commercial and industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems where R22 has traditionally been used.


For accredited technicians to work safely with hydrocarbon refrigerants, requires basic common sense and a willingness to comply with current safety standards and regulations.

In plain terms, hydrocarbon refrigerant is safe for both refrigeration and air conditioning use. However, like petrol, solvents, and other commonly used volatile products, hydrocarbon refrigerant is flammable, and therefore should not be released in the presence of an ignition source. Its auto-ignition temperature is between 460°C and 470°C.

HyChill hydrocarbon refrigerants have a distinctive "rotting cabbage" odour added to it so that any leak can be immediately identified for rectification.

Available in

4.5kg, 9kg cylinders and 400g cans

Cylinders are fitted with a standard refrigeration liquid withdrawal valve.
HyChill Minus 50 does not require an ARC licence

SDS Cylinder UN1075 SDS Cans UN2037 Warranty