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Minus 40

Minus 40 is a high-purity R290 [propane] single ingredient refrigerant used in medium to low temperature refrigeration systems. Ideal for domestic and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration.

HyChill Minus 40 is the natural organic solution for air conditioning and medium temperature refrigeration. Its superior thermodynamic properties make it an ideal refrigerant for use in systems that aim at 6-star Energy Efficiency rating.

Characteristics Minus 40

  • Excellent alternative to R22, R502 or R404a
  • Superb energy efficiency and cooling performance
  • Operates at lower pressures than synthetic refrigerants
  • Significantly reduced charge weight (only 40% of the original charge weight required!)


  • Can be used in a R502, R22 or R404a compressor and specific R290 compressors
  • Compatible with existing design heat exchangers and expansion devices and common
    refrigeration materials and lubricants
  • Ideal for use in commercial and industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems
    where energy efficiency and consistent performance matter.
  • Minus 40 (R290) is emerging as the future OEM refrigerant of choice for chillers, cool
    rooms and hydrocarbon-designed split systems.


For accredited technicians to work safely with hydrocarbon refrigerants, requires basic common sense and a willingness to comply with current safety standards and regulations.

In plain terms, hydrocarbon refrigerant is safe for both refrigeration and air conditioning use. However, like petrol, solvents, and other commonly used volatile products, hydrocarbon refrigerant is flammable, and therefore should not be released in the presence of an ignition source. Its auto-ignition temperature is between 460°C and 470°C.

HyChill hydrocarbon refrigerants have a distinctive "rotting cabbage" odour added to it so that any leak can be immediately identified for rectification.

Available in

4.5kg, 9kg cylinders and 425g cans

Cylinders are fitted with a standard refrigeration liquid withdrawal valve.
HyChill Minus 40 does not require an ARC licence

SDS Cylinder UN1075 SDS Cans UN2037 Warranty