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Minus 30

Minus 30 is a blend of R600a and R290, two naturally occurring hydrocarbon refrigerant gases and is perfect for use in automotive air-conditioning systems and in refrigeration applications.

Advantages Minus 30

  • Operates at lower pressures to R134A
  • Similar volumetric refrigerating effect to R12 and R134A
  • Can be used in a R12 or R134A compressor or a specific hydrocarbon compressor
  • Can be used with R12 or R134A heat exchangers & expansion devices
  • Compatible with most common refrigeration materials and lubricants

Application and use

Ideal for use in small commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems where R12 has traditionally been used.


For accredited technicians to work safely with hydrocarbon refrigerants, requires basic common sense and a willingness to comply with current safety standards and regulations.

In plain terms, hydrocarbon refrigerant is safe for both refrigeration and air conditioning use. However, like petrol, solvents, and other commonly used volatile products, hydrocarbon refrigerant is flammable, and therefore should not be released in the presence of an ignition source. Its auto-ignition temperature is between 460°C and 470°C.

HyChill hydrocarbon refrigerants have a distinctive "rotting cabbage" odour added to it so that any leak can be immediately identified for rectification.

Additional Information

Product Composition

  • High Purity Hydrocarbon Refrigerant
  • Precision Propane/Isobutane blend
  • Cylinder has a liquid withdrawal valve (upright position labelled)
  • 9 kg cylinder will charge up to 40 cars
  • Packed in a cardboard box with information kit containing refrigerant identification labels, material safety data sheet and other usage guidance information.

Product Characteristics

  • Superior heat rejection – gives better condenser heat exchange performance
  • 30% by weight required of recommended fluorocarbon refrigerant charge or refer to charge weight section.
  • Digital scales recommended – they save a great deal of time and also help to prevent refrigerant wastage.
  • Minus 30 is compatible with any refrigerant lubricant, however we strongly recommend a system flush and use of SRO500 oil in all systems

Effect on Systems

  • Lower Head Pressures reduce load on compressor
  • Less heat at compressor
  • Less engine drain at idle and when running
  • Positive liquid head at TX valve or restrictor
  • Quicker pull down temperature at vent
  • Lower vent temperature at all times
  • No upgrading to existing processing equipment required.
  • No change to repairers procedures while installing

Avaliable in

4.5kg, 9kg cylinders and 450g cans.

Cylinders are fitted with a standard refrigeration liquid withdrawal valve.
HyChill Minus 30 does not require an ARC licence

SDS Cylinder UN1075 SDS Cans UN2037 Warranty