Important: “Reduced-Barrier” Suction Hose Leakage

Some reduced-barrier low side suction hoses can present a leakage problem. Whether you use HyChill or R-134a, we recommend using “full barrier" hoses. Our research indicates that traditional “full barrier" hose is significantly superior to “reduced barrier” (or flexible “thin walled veneer") hose that appeared in the market in recent times. Compared to “full barrier” hoses, reduced-barrier hoses generally have a shorter lifespan, break easily and are more likely to leak due to wear, vibration, extreme conditions and crimping irregularities. More importantly, some types of “reduced barrier” hose can leak the majority of a hydrocarbon charge within weeks.

Some R134a-based vehicle AC systems in recent years have been factory fitted with reduced barrier suction hoses. These reduced barrier suction hoses, typically located on the low side of the on R134a systems, are easily identified because they have thin flexible walls that suck down flat under a vacuum.

By recommending “full barrier” to your customers you guarantee, in the long term, customer satisfaction due to the improved strength, reduced permeability and increased longevity provided by a "full barrier" hose.

HyChill recommends replacing the reduced-barrier low-side hoses that you encounter with the readily available FULL BARRIER (SAE J2064 Type C) hoses:

  • GOODYEAR “Galaxy” (with part # starting with G48.. or GQA.. and ending with 24, 25 or 26. Eg. G4826)
  • ATCO 3800 Air-O-Crimp A/C Hose

A few types of reduced-barrier hose that appear to be reliable after some years of service (at time of writing) include:

  • S NICHIRIN HYLAMMIT (manufactured 2016 onwards)
  • AEROQUIP GH134 "multi-refrigerant" hose. Although these are compatible, HyChill recommends “full barrier” suction hose as a better choice and in the longer term interests of your customers.

Known suspect hoses are: most reduced barrier hoses, including the Goodyear and most NICHIRIN reduced barrier hoses, most Parker hoses, Manuli Refri*FAST or STAR and Aeroquip FC134. For peace of mind, avoid all other hoses classed as SAE J2064 Type A or Type B.

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