Warranty / Guarantee

Congratulations for selecting HyChill Hydrocarbon Refrigerant – a high performance refrigerant that is climate friendly.

The Consumer benefits from certain warranties and conditions implied by Federal and State legislation. By law these benefits cannot be withheld. This warranty offers the following benefits to consumers in addition to, and without restricting in any way, the benefits conferred by law. This warranty shall be read in conjunction with consumer rights at law

This warranty is for a period of twelve months from date of installation of the HyChill Refrigerant and is limited to replacement of the refrigerant or reimbursement of the purchase price, at HyChill’s discretion.

Consequential losses are expressly excluded.

Where the customer believes there is a fault with the refrigerant, the remainder of the refrigerant in the supplied container must be returned to HyChill in order for the customer to be eligible for replacement or reimbursement. Freight and insurance for the return of the refrigerant and container is at the customers expense. If HyChill elects to replace the product, freight and insurance of the replacement will be borne by HyChill..

Fitness for purpose of the supplied refrigerant is ultimately the responsibility of the installer, as they are the only person(s) able to assess the specific application in sufficient detail.